The future of business in the 21st century is in the digital space. As technology continues to change over time, enterprises need to up their game in marketing. For a business to remain competitive, there is a need to tailor services to match the clients’ needs. Digital marketing remains a vital component in the marketing world to enable users to know the value of company products.

The outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic restricted people’s movement, leading to increased use of companies’ digital space to promote their products. …

Email marketing has become a modern part of business promotion. Marketers can choose to be strategic with their emails or just cold pitch. Whatever the method, it’s essential to understand whether the method is yielding any results. Here are some tips to gauge the success of mail campaigns.


Use tracking instructions and setups to simplify the process of measuring results. If there is more than one mail campaign in circulation, use codes to distinguish each campaign for easy tracking. Online shoppers may be provided with a place to enter the code for them to receive a discount.

Know the Response

A successful mail…

For businesses to have a competitive edge in this digitization era, marketing is an essential component that cannot be overlooked. Digital marketing has brought a new concept of reaching consumers faster when companies and enterprises want to generate leads. However, some traditional forms of marketing can be a game-changer when incorporated into a company’s marketing mix. Direct mail is one of the traditional marketing concepts that have been there and can transform a company’s overall performance.

Direct marketing involves a company’s efforts to send correspondence to potential customers to persuade them to purchase its products. While a lot has changed…

The business world has become more digital and having a solid social media presence is vital. Small businesses aiming to be relevant in their niches understand the need to increase their social media presence. E-commerce and online marketing are the order of the day in the business arena. So how do small businesses maximize the social media platforms to cultivate a notable online presence? Here are five practical ways to branding a small business to the next level through social media:

Set a Goal or Objective

Small businesses benefit when using social media platforms. They can increase their customer base by increasing traffic and engaging…

In the 21st century, customer relationship management is an indispensable aspect to spike every company’s operations. Recently, the application of CRM has been staggering unprecedented growth, and, in 2020, it was no different as its overall usage in companies spiked from 56 to 74 percent. So, it doesn’t matter the sector or the company’s size; CRM is a vital tool to empower first-class customer experience while giving a company a competitive edge driving to high revenues.

If it’s the first time to use CRM in a company, the management might wonder whether this program makes sense, how it will affect…

Introducing a new product or service to the market is certainly a challenging task and process for a lot of business people, and it does not end there, unfortunately. The other half of the process is knowing how to properly promote and market this new product or service, especially to new customers. Indeed, failing to promote the product effectively might lead to great money losses down the road, even if it is great. On that premise, the following article presents some key tips and strategies that can help business people in adequately promoting their new services or products.

Market to Existing Customers

One of…

Marketing is vital for every business performance in small, mid, and significant market sizes to thrive in the market. However, the marketing strategies are ever-changing with new techniques and tactics. With the evolving changes in the market, the process needs to improve over time. Below is a list of proven strategies every business owner should adopt.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is an essential strategy in product development, marketing, and business operations. Listening to the customers and aligning the products according to their demands is a perfect way to attain qualitative feedback, leading to increased sales. …

Marketing Strategies for the Automotive Industry — Traffic Jam Events ™
Marketing Strategies for the Automotive Industry — Traffic Jam Events ™

Owning a vehicle is a considerable investment; hence auto marketers should be creative when approaching a potential client and convince them why owning a car is a good investment. Several strategies have proven successful in auto marketing.

Use Customer Reviews to Build Trust

Most online clients will check reviews from satisfied clients; one must share them. Let the message get to every platform one is using for marketing. It could be text or short video clips from their trusted, happy clients. Clients’ reviews affirm products convincing a client to buy.

Rank Among the Top on Google Listing

Potential clients turn to a search engine to check out automotive advertisement posts. One should ensure…

Mastering social media is a daunting task. With content-hungry platforms gobbling up your creative efforts and metrics on everything from average user age to their entertainment preferences, it is easy to lose sight of what your marketing should be accomplishing. Building a monthly social media strategy helps ensure that your social media marketing provides the best return on investment possible while still allowing for flexibility and innovation. Here are three key steps to start building a strategy that works for you.

Pick Your Platforms

It is crucial to use the right social platforms for your target audience. Research is key. Don’t rely on…

It’s clear that with over 2.6 billion active users on social media platforms, no matter the brand, the audience to be targeted is online. This number of social media users is going to rise in the coming years continually. The best way to continue to build a growing audience is through engagement on these social media platforms. The problem with this is that many businesses lack the knowledge and know-how to leverage their social media accounts to maximize their full potential to market their brands. Knowing how to market a business, leveraging social media is a powerful combination that can…

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